Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ghana YouTube Video Link

Here is a link to a short youtube video of the trip - enjoy

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Last few pics from our trip!

I have heard from a few on the trip - and I can speak for myself as well. Coming back is difficult as we move from the experiences we had in Ghana back to our reality in the US. As I had thought, a wide range of emotions have come rusing back - feelings of guilt, annoyance, thankfulness, and so on......we need and should be thankful for all that we have back home, especially for our families and friends. I have posted a few more pics of our trip to end on. We hope to all get together on the evening of May 19th to share some more and talk about how we are doing.....so long and thanks again to all that showed support along the way.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Arrival back to the states......

Well - we all made it safe and sound - a total of 23 hours from waking to arriving back in Morgantown ! It was a long but safe day - we had to race around JFK to get through customs and immigration and move all our luggage around, but we managed and made the flight. My body is still on Ghana time - I woke up early and didn't sleep too well, but hopefully that will fade quickly. We worked hard, shared stories, witnessed miracles and death like never before. We saw people that are so thankful for their lives, their families and for us who came to help and provide medical care. We have been touched by this experience - I'm certain all of us will have a wide gammot of emotions over the ensuing weeks - emotions that we will carry forward and will change the way we practice here in the U.S. I do believe we have been changed by this experience - we have grown and been shaped by all that we have seen and been witness to. To Becky, Mary Ann, Kavara and Tracey who graduate in a few more weeks - you all did awesome ! Sarah and I are proud of all your hardwork and dedication over the past 3 weeks. We wish you well in your future endeavors - reflect on what you have done, who you have touched, and what you have witnessed often......it's now apart of you and who you are and has only strengthened you as a physician and person. I will try and post a few more pics soon as we wrap up this blog from Ghana....and the Baptist Medical Centre.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Leaving Africa...

Well, the day has arrived for us to depart Accra. We are all sad - George Faile and his wife Elisabeth are here with us at the Guesthouse. They are on our same flight back to the States.....it was good to reminisce over dinner our past wonderful few weeks at the Baptist Medical Centre. We leave here different people, touched by the people we have met, moved by the patients we worked with and shaped by this entire experience. It's hard to describe all the emotions we will have as we board the plane this morning. We hope we have forged new friendships that will last a lifetime and that WVU and BMC can work together in the future providing top quality healthcare to those that desperately need it.

We have a long day ahead - we leave for the airport in a few minutes. The slave castles were amazing yesterday - I have posted three shots of those. Enjoy and talk to everybody soon !

Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday morning from Coconut Beach

We are packing up this morning and heading out to explore the castles before heading back to Accra for a good night sleep before we flight on Tuesday morning at 10:15 am. We have had a very nice few days here at the beach - I pretty much look like a lobster as do most others. We needed a little sun before coming back to the states. Thanks again to all for your supportive emails and posts. We read them everyday. Have a good week and so long from Coconut Beach.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday morning..

Hello everyone - we have been out of internet for over 24 hours and unfortunately the phone is in the ocean.....therefore we will not be calling anybody until possibly we are back in Accra on Monday night. We leave Tuesday morning for the states. Yesterday we beached it in the afternoon and went to the Kakum National Park for a hike in the rain forest. We walked the Canopy walk which was exciting and got your pulse going. We were 350 meters up in the sky !! I will try and attach a picture if it works this morning......

Today we will be at the pool as well as the beach - you can walk up the beach for miles - it is beautiful. We will visit the slave castles either this afternoon or tomorrow morning.

Gotta run for now - take care...

Friday, April 25, 2008

Our arrival in "heaven".....

Our day started out quite early - up before the sun was up - off to Tamale we went on the washboard, unpaved road that wouldn't let anyone but Tracey sleep. We arrived safe and sound but unfortunately there was a huge thunderstorm in Accra so our plane was over 2 hours late arriving. We finally got to Accra and Jimmy picked us up. We left some stuff quickly at the Guesthouse and off we went in our SUV to eat at Frankie's restaurant....Becky and I enjoyed cheeseburgers and fries, Mary Ann a pizza, Tracey fish and chips and Kavara a tuna sandwich with grilled onions ! A small taste of america - it was delicious. We then headed to Elmina and the Cape Coast which took over 3 hours partly because our driver was lost and had to ask for directions many times - the last person he asked just happened to be a local police officer who jumped in our car and took us straight to Coconut Grove Beach Resort. This place is awesome !! We walk out and the beach and Atlanic Ocean are just 50 yeards away....waves are crashing as I type this now - we are sitting out on the patio and the table as the waves pound. I have attached one image for you so you can imagine what we are seeing. The house is fantastic - clean, fresh and new.......all of which we haven't seen much of. We decided to stay an extra day here it is sooooo cool. Tomorrow we will head to Kakum National Forest to hike on the canopy walk and try and catch some slave castles in the afternoon before heading back to just hang out on the beach. We are all pretty tired and will get to bed soon.....we ate a delicious dinner at the open-air restaurant also sitting at a table along side the beach. This is what we will call our "temporary heaven" for now.......enjoy your evening and good night from Coconut Grove !!